The Joel Centre

In March 2021, KCAH set up the Joel Stabilisation Centre – the first centre of its kind in London. 

Joel is a safe, supportive community for up to seven people, where they can focus on their journey to recovery, giving them the chance to break away from the self-destructive and chaotic lifestyle brought about by rough sleeping and addiction. 

• Through 1:1 support from our trained staff as well as group support.
• Eating together around the table, talking together and supporting each other through the ups and downs.
• Participating in structured daily activities that reflect each person's interests and skills, such as photography, gardening, fishing and music. 
• Helping residents rediscover how to run a home; cooking healthy meals, cleaning, washing and paying bills.


Very sadly, the KCAH Trustees have taken the very difficult decision to close the Joel Stabilisation Centre at the end of June 2022, due to a significant funding shortfall. 

To download an important message from KCAH CEO, Aileen Almond, please click on the link below:





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