Why do we often ask for brand new items?

 When a new tenant arrives in our supported housing, it's sometimes the first place they have been able to call home for a very long time. Walking into a room with fresh new bedlinen, a new mattress and a few other quality home comforts like a bedside table and lamp and a comfy chair to sit in, can go a long way to help people feel truly valued and restore self-esteem. This is often the first step in helping someone to rebuild their life and leave the trauma of homelessness behind for good. 

Due to very limited storage, we can only accept donations of specific items on our wish list below (or any items requested via our social media). For hygiene reasons, we are unable to accept any donations of second-hand bedding or mattresses. Thank you for your understanding!


Some of the items listed below will be used to help furnish our shared houses and other items will be used as part of a 'starter pack' for KCAH tenants who are ready to move into independent accommodation. 

  • Single Mattress (brand new)
  • Single Bed / Bedframe (new or as new)
  • Matching Duvet and Pillow Set (brand new)
  • Fitted Sheet (brand new)
  • Side Table (new or as new)
  • Wardrobe and chest of drawers (new or as new)
  • Arm Chair (new or as new)
  • Cutlery and utensils set (new or as new)
  • Pots and Pans set (new or as new)
  • Mugs and glass set (new or as new)
  • Desk (new or as new)
  • Hoover - new
  • Kettle - new
  • Toaster - new
  • Microwave - new

Please don't hesitate to contact us by email or phone if you have any questions or you would like to arrange to drop-off bulkier items. 

email: enquiries@kcah.org.uk

T: 020 8255 7400

Thank you so much in advance!


FURNITURE DONATIONS: For all other furniture donations, we recommend that you contact Kingston Community Furniture Project. 

FOOD DONATIONS: Please contact the Kingston Foodbank https://kingston.foodbank.org.uk/