An Overview of our Services

At KCAH we support single people facing housing crisis in the Kingston Borough and help to rebuild their lives through a wide range of services.

We offer much more than just advice, shelter and food - KCAH provides lasting solutions that restore the self-esteem and confidence of vulnerable people, helping them out of the vicious cycle of homelessness. 



Our experienced HCIS team run a drop-in housing advice service on weekdays from 10.00am - 1.00pm and include Polish, Hungarian and Romanian speakers. The service is open to anyone in housing crisis who has a connection with the borough of Kingston upon Thames.

The team offer welfare benefits advice and can make referals to relevant housing options, including the local YMCA. Depending on availability and COVID restrictions, they can also provide emergency clothing, sleeping bags, backpacks, a mailbox, simple mobile phones and food.



In order to adopt a person-led strength-based approach in the support we provide to our tenants, KCAH created the Housing Services department. Here, we focus on one-to-one, tailored support between coach and tenant. The team is comprised of a Housing Services Manager, who oversees the finances of our accommodation services by monitoring rent and bills payments, managing Housing Benefit claims, and working with tenants to prevent or address arrears. There is also a Property Services Officer who is in charge of handling the property portfolio of KCAH’s accommodation services, whether that be dealing with repairs, liaising with homeowners, and inspecting the state of our properties. This PSO role is essential in maintaining a high standard in our properties, ensuring they are safe, warm homes for the duration of our tenants’ stays.



The Resident Support Team (RST) was created to provide support for those of our clients who were housed in local hotels during the Covid-19 pandemic under the ‘Everyone In’ scheme. The RST has since evolved into providing support for those residents that were moved out of hotels and into local properties, either into shared accommodation (there are three houses of multiple occupancy) or into a one-bedroom flat, of which we have ten. In an effort to streamline the support offered to the tenants within our accommodation across the board, KCAH in 2021 combined the supported accommodation project with the long-standing Access Project, the supported accommodation scheme run by KCAH for over two decades. The Access Project houses are now a part of the wider accommodation services portfolio, alongside the newer properties, overseen by the RST. The team of Asset Coaches offer person-led support and assist tenants in applying for relevant benefits and make referrals to wellbeing services, organise activities enabling clients to explore their skills and strengths as well as assist those who wish to improve their English. We also offer advice on employment skills, job applications and budgeting. 

Meet KCAH-client Phil who talks about his life-journey and the support he received from KCAH:



In March 2021, KCAH set up the Joel Stabilisation Centre – the first centre of its kind in London. 

Joel is a safe, supportive community for up to seven people, where they can focus on their journey to recovery, giving them the chance to break away from the self-destructive and chaotic lifestyle brought about by rough sleeping and addiction. 

• Through 1:1 support from our trained staff as well as group support. 
• Eating together around the table, talking together and supporting each other through the ups and downs.
• Participating in structured daily activities that reflect each person's interests and skills, such as photography, gardening, fishing and music. 
• Helping residents rediscover how to run a home; cooking healthy meals, cleaning, washing and paying bills.


Very sadly, the KCAH Trustees have taken the very difficult decision to close the Joel Stabilisation Centre at the end of June 2022, due to a significant funding shortfall. 

To download an important message from KCAH CEO, Aileen Almond, please click on the link below: