At KCAH we work with single people facing housing crisis in the Kingston Borough. Our aim is help them secure a safe and stable home and to help them start rebuilding their lives. 

To achieve this, we offer:

  • Housing Crisis Intervention Service (HCIS): An in-person, drop-in advice service for people facing homelessness or at risk of homelessness. Open weekdays from 10.00am - 1.00pm.  FIND OUT MORE
  • The Bridge: specialist unit which allows us to work with people who use substances and have been sleeping rough or are at risk of sleeping rough. FIND OUT MORE
  • Supported Housing (Access Project): We offer supported housing for people who have recently experienced homelessness and are finding it difficult to access private rented accommodation. Our Resident Support Team works alongside individual residents to provide a tailored package of support. See below for more details.
  • Winter Night Shelter: offering a warm, dry, safe place to sleep as well as an evening meal and breakfast for people who would otherwise be sleeping rough in Kingston during the coldest months. Click here to join our amazing team of more than 100 active volunteers


Resident Support Team

The Resident Support Team (RST) currently support 46 people in 12 shared houses and flats, managed by KCAH. People can stay in KCAH-managed properties for up to two years. The team also supports up to 28 residents in council-rented flats and shared houses. Everyone has their own bedroom; kitchens and bathrooms are shared. 

Each resident is assigned an 'Asset Coach,' who works alongside them to provide tailored, person-led support, based on an individual's strengths and interests. This enables residents to explore and develop skills that can help them to live independently and maintain a tenancy.  

Many of our residents have complex needs and require intensive interventions from their KCAH Asset Coach. The various needs include mental and physical illness, substance misuse, unemployment, and social isolation.

Meet KCAH-client Phil who talks about his life-journey and the support he received from KCAH: