Paid Staff, Board Members and Other Volunteers

Paid Staff 

KCAH main office:

Aileen Almond  - Chief Executive Officer

Georgie Forshaw - Operational Director

Irek Chmielewski - Senior Housing Advisor

Ailsa Oakes - Housing Advisor

Lucy Kite - Office Coordinator 

Meghan Jenkins-Paterson - Housing Services Manager 

Sophie Mselle - Property Services Officer 

Sue Cole - Communications Officer 

Peter Sewell - Fundraiser

Beth Glasgow - Resident Support Manager

Lucjan Wrona - Asset Coach

Andreea Paiu - Asset Coach

Krisztina Hampson - Asset Coach

Louise Letters - Asset Coach

Angela Adams - Book-keeper

Andrew Stodhart - Accountant


Joel Project Stabilisation Centre:

Kat Greenwood - Service Manager

Amy Mclintock  - Enhanced Recovery Practitioner (30 hours per week)

Rachel Ingram - Recovery Practitioner

Alba Penney - Recovery Practitioner 

Paul Hawkins - Recovery Practitioner

Scott Piggott - Night Staff

Carmelo Carella - Night Staff

Mick Gallagher - Recovery Practitioner

Angela - bank staff


Board of Trustees:

Roger Sutton - Chair

Juliet Lack - Treasurer

Bob Bailey

Hilary Orton

Michelle Apostolou

Edward Lowe

Declan Higgins

Gray Rigge

Julia Burleigh-Lowe

David Lindsell 

Caroline Ewart (Silent Member - Minute Secretary)


Regular Volunteers:

Caroline Pickett (HCIS)

Tracey O'Shea (HCIS)

Liz Samson ( HCIS/JOEL)