Housing Crisis '24

Make a difference this year

Our vision is to see every Kingston resident in a safe and stable home, able to build a happy life.

We do this by...

  • Helping people into immediate safe accommodation by referring them to appropriate places.
  • Equipping people with the knowledge and skills they need to manage their housing successfully.
  • Supporting people to build on the aspects of their lives that will keep them in a safe and stable home.

In the 12 months up to November 15th 2023

436 Persons presented themselves to KCAH with nowhere else to turn

30% More than the previous 12 months

241 Of those who presented were already homeless

100% Are given a one-to-one interview and all available support

Demand for our services is greater than ever but the COVID pandemic and the economic downturn have hit us hard financially. Government funding reductions are looming and KCAH’s service users need more support from the local community.

The main ways you can support KCAH this winter:

  • Make a one-off or regular donation to KCAH using the form below. Even £5 per month makes a big difference. Please select Gift Aid if you are a UK taxpayer
  • Fundraise for us by selling our raffle tickets at your church, school or similar. Contact Dan today on enquiries@kcah.org.uk
  • Donate a waterproof backpack filled with useful items to be given to a homeless person
  • Donate other useful items such as sleeping bags, toiletries and new clothes for our clients to use