The Resident Support Team (RST) was created to provide support for those that were housed in local hotels during the Covid-19 pandemic under ‘Everyone In’. Over the last several months, the RST has naturally evolved into providing support for those residents that were moved out of hotels and into local properties, either into shared accommodation (there are three houses of multiple occupancy) or into a one-bedroom flat, for which we have ten. In an effort to streamline the support offered to the tenants within our accommodation across the board, KCAH decided to combine this supported accommodation project with the long-standing Access Project, the supported accommodation scheme run by KCAH for over two decades. The Access Project houses are now a part of the wider accommodation services portfolio, alongside these other newer properties, overseen by the RST. The RST are working within a strengths-based methodology, providing person-led support to all tenants. The team offer support to apply for relevant benefits, immigration advice for those of clients who are non-UK nationals and make referrals to wellbeing services. They also organise activities enabling clients to explore their skills and strengths as well as assist those who wish to improve their English. They also offer advice on employment skills, job applications and budgeting. As well as English, our Asset Coaches speak Romanian, Polish and Hungarian.


 One of our Access Project properties


Access Project Impact Report (2020)Asset Coach Mini Impact Report jpeg